The Embergher mandolin

The Embergher Mandolin, Ralf Leenen & Barry Pratt

Foreword by musicologist and author of ‘The Classical Mandolin’, Dr. Paul Sparks: ‘ …. I am delighted to introduce this book by Ralf Leenen and Barry Pratt (two of the world’s leading authorities on the subject of Embergher mandolins), which represents the first definitive study of these instruments and their maker. With the aid of surviving instruments and period catalogues, they have been able to note every modification and development that has taken place over the past century-and-a-quarter, as Embergher and his fellow luthiers strove to create an ever more beautiful and sonorous timbre. And their

detailed analysis of precisely how these instruments produce their unique sound helps to explain why Embergher’s instruments are widely regarded throughout the world as the most perfect form of mandolin ever created … ‘

Ken Tanioka from the Japan Mandolin Union wrote to us: ‘… This new book is a true research paper on this important luthier and his instruments. Most of the 200+ photos are in colour, of superb quality and so beautiful that many people must want this book in their possession. I believe your work must find a place in history…’

This book has already been well received throughout the world with much acclaim (Europe, USA, Japan, Australia, …). We think it will become the standard reference work on Embergher instruments. It is a limited edition and will become a collector’s item.

‘The Embergher Mandolin’ contains over 155 pages (size: 17x24cm / 6.70″x9.45″), and covers the following:

  • The history of the Embergher workshop and its people
  • Reproduction of an original Embergher catalogue, with translation, comments and illustrated new colour photographs
  • Full colour photographs showing front, back and side views of all types and models of the Embergher mandolin family
  • The sound of the mandolin
  • Embergher strings
  • Plectrums and accessories
  • Historical photographs of makers and players


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Ralf Leenen and Barry Pratt

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